PT. Link Net Tbk

Jenis Industri : Telekomunikasi
PT.LINK NET (First Media Tbk) is the largest provider of high speed broadband internet, cable pay TV, and high-speed data communication services. Its main product brand is First Media

Management Trainee

Jenjang Pendidikan : Minimal S1
Jurusan :
S1 Teknik Telekomunikasi
S1 Teknik Telekomunikasi Internasional
S1 Teknik Elektro
S1 Teknik Fisika
S1 Sistem Komputer
S2 Teknik Elektro Komunikasi
S1 Teknik Industri
S1 Teknik Industri Internasional
S1 Sistem Informasi
S1 Sistem Informasi Internasional
S1 Teknik Informatika
S1 Teknik Informatika Internasional
S1 Ilmu Komputasi
S1 Manajemen Bisnis Telekomunikasi dan Informatika
S1 International ICT Business
S1 Desain Komunikasi Visual
Kategori Pekerjaan : Full Time
Level Pekerjaan : Staff
Persyaratan Umum :

Requirement :

•             Bachelor degree with min GPA 3.00

•             Preferably Major Management & Engineering

•             Max Age 24 year

•             Willing to work at Jabodetabek and all branches

•             Active in English & organization

Persyaratan Khusus :
Informasi Umum :

What Will You Get :

•             Challenging, Inspiring, & Unforgettable 1 year MT Programme

•             Knowledge & Experience from various business process

•             Mentor from the top management level

•             Coach from senior expertise

•             Career path acceleration

•             Competitive compensation & benefit

Jumlah Kebutuhan : 12
Valid Until : 2020-04-10