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Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Jenis Industri : Pemrograman
Cyberquote Indonesia

Front End Software Engineer

Jenjang Pendidikan : Minimal S1
Jurusan :
S1 Sistem Komputer
S1 Sistem Informasi
S1 Sistem Informasi Internasional
S1 Teknik Informatika
S1 Teknik Informatika Internasional
S2 Teknik Informatika
S1 Manajemen Bisnis Telekomunikasi dan Informatika
Kategori Pekerjaan : Full Time
Level Pekerjaan : Software Developer
Persyaratan Umum :

Experience : 1-5 years

Industry : Any 

Persyaratan Khusus :


  1. Excellent communication skills in English is a must
  2. Passionate with software development & Technologies
  3. Stable characteristic who is looking for long term rewards
  4. Foundation knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript
  5. Familiar with API integration 
  6. Experience with any of the modern frontend framework such as React.js, Vue.js 
  7. Knowledge in the following technologies : Github, AWS, REST, webhooks, Docker 


Informasi Umum :

Responsibilities : 

  1. Design, develop and maintain frontend applications in a reusable and easy to change manner to support business growth.
  2. Develop and maintain internal & external API.
  3. Develop and maintain Multiply & Friday Finance platform.
  4. Work with back end engineer closely to rollout application.
  5. Assist business team on ad-hoc business requests.


Jumlah Kebutuhan : 2
Valid Until : 2020-04-30

Company & Financial Analyst

Jenjang Pendidikan : Minimal S1
Jurusan :
S2 Manajemen
S1 Administrasi Bisnis
S1 Administrasi Bisnis Internasional
Kategori Pekerjaan : Full Time
Level Pekerjaan : Business Analyst
Persyaratan Umum :
Persyaratan Khusus :


  1. Minimum Age : 23 years old 
  2. Bachelor Degree major in Economic (others are welcome)
  3. Excellent industrial knowledge
  4. High analytical and problem solving skill
  5. Understanding financial statement analysis
  6. Knowlegde on statistical is an advantage
  7. Able to work under pressure
  8. Initiative, Creative adan Details oriented
Informasi Umum :

Job Desc: 

  1. Provide the Business Information Report (BIR) of a particular enterprise by identifying risk and credit worthiness
  2. Obtain information by interview and document analysis
  3. Evaluate information obtained from many sources, evaluate, describe into details form and be understood in general
  4. Responding to incoming email & phone enquiries
  5. Analyze market condition and market growth by providing industrial trend on specified business
Jumlah Kebutuhan : 3
Valid Until : 2020-04-30