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Minimal S1

S1 Teknik Telekomunikasi S1 Teknik Telekomunikasi (International) S1 Teknik Elektro S1 Teknik Elektro (International) S1 Teknik Komputer S1 Informatika S1 Teknologi Informasi S1 Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak S1 Sistem Informasi S1 Sistem Informasi (International)
Level Pekerjaan

Fresh Graduate

Persyaratan Umum


The knowledge of common corporate IT network and its protection.
It is a must to have knowledge of common cyber threat, regarding what it is, how it being detected and how it being mitigated. Fresh Graduate are welcome to apply.

Persyaratan Khusus

Specific requirement:

-basic knowledge of Operating System (Windows and Linux)
-basic knowledge of Networking (OSI Layer, TCP/IP, Traffic analysis and Routing)
-basic knowledge of Cyber Security (Various Security Solution and Common Security Governance)
-passion to learn technology/security
-having network or security certificate is a plus

Informasi Umum

ITSEC ASIA is looking for Cyber Security Consultant Candidate with a good communication skill, good attitude and good analytical thinking.

If you think you are qualified, you may send your resume to [email protected]
Thank you

Range Gaji
3,000,000 - 6,000,000