Jenjang Pendidikan

Minimal S1

S1 Teknik Komputer S1 Informatika S1 Informatika (International) S1 Teknologi Informasi S1 Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak S2 Informatika S1 Teknik Industri S1 Sistem Informasi S1 Sistem Informasi (International)
Level Pekerjaan

Fresh Graduate

Persyaratan Umum


Persyaratan Khusus

•     Bachelor's degree (Fresh Graduate)

•     Maximum age 22 years old.

•     Excellent communication and presentation skills both written, spoken and visual

•     A self-starter, working with minimal direction, logical and strategic thinking.



Informasi Umum

Providing ongoing account support to existing customers assigned by the sales team.

•     Informing new and existing customers of promotions, upgraded product lines, and offers.

•     Notifying customers of unforeseen delivery delays or other complications, and facilitating suitable interventions.

•     Collaborating with the sales team to identify new sales leads and develop sales plans.

•     Reporting to sales managers as required.

•     Conducting sales research and identifying new sales opportunities.

•     Documenting processes and maintaining sales department records.

•     Managing accounts for long-term success.

•     Establishing a good rapport with clients.

•     Developing new sales opportunities.

•     Supervising representatives to ensure increased sales.

Range Gaji
3,000,000 - 6,000,000