Jenjang Pendidikan

Minimal S1

S1 Desain Komunikasi Visual S1 Desain Komunikasi Visual (International)
Level Pekerjaan

Fresh Graduate

Persyaratan Umum

1. Great interpersonal skills and a team player

2. Great attention to details

3. Highly adaptable, curious, and possesses critical thinking

4. Excellent skills in Spoken/Written Indonesian/English language is a plus

Persyaratan Khusus

1. Skilled at using Adobe creative suites, especially Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

2. Experiences in layouting and creating graphics and illustration, especially for digital/printed publications (i.e. books and reports)

3. Web Design or UI/UX skill is a plus

Informasi Umum

1. Interns will be assigned to deliver design materials to create an annual Sustainability Report for the majority of the internship

2. Interns will be involved in clients' or in-house projects 

3. Interns will also help to plan and develop design concepts by studying given information and materials.

4. Remote working is available, interns are expected to be responsible WITHworking hours and communication. 


Life Cycle Indonesia (LCI) is a group of sustainability consultants who specialize in end-to-end sustainability which comprises of Measure (with Life Cycle Assessment), Manage & Improve, and Communication (based on GRI and POJK through and ecolabel type III). We are a team with various backgrounds of chemical engineers, industrial engineers, designers, copywriters, marketers, data analysts, and IT developers.


Applicants may send their CV and Portfolio (both are required) to

[email protected]

Range Gaji
2,000,000 - 3,000,000