finexus jakarta

jl ir h juanda 3 no 22 jakarta pusat
DKI JAKARTA 10120, Indonesia
Jenis Industri : Konsultan IT
The FINEXUS group is one of the Asia Pacific’s leading enterprise banking solutions specialists. Our proprietary suite of software solutions have become integral in the management of customer services by established commercial banks, investment banks, financial and insurance institutions and Islamic banks across Asia. We also provide SSO (Shared Services and Outsourcing) services which include business processing outsourcing, banking IT systems solutions and infrastructure outsourcing. The FINEXUS group is the formation of three key companies. FINEXUS MSC, which is the solutions development division of the group; FINEXUS International, the outsourcing managed services division; and FINEXUS Asia, the Asia-Pacific marketing division. The group’s ambition is to be a reputable world-class banking solutions provider through creativity, versatility and technical excellence. This single-minded goal has led to the group’s dramatic success over the years. Since its inception in January 2000, the components of the group have recorded over RM530 million (USD135 million) in revenue with over RM150 million (USD38 million) in book orders to be delivered over the next 5 years. Today, the group serves more than 100 active banking and financial clients including national institutions such as Central Banks, Monetary Authorities and Clearing Houses in ASEAN.