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Jl. Sidomukti no. 27
JAWA BARAT 40123, Indonesia
Jenis Industri : Pemrograman
Ciheul Engineering is an information technology company that offers solution for your business needs. Our experience and expertise in IT has made Ciheul as a company that will deliver the best services in any situation. Web Infrastructure and AI/DeepLearning/Machine Learning is our passion. It is our utmost passion to design and implement technology-based solution that gives stakeholders in your organization the right "tools" to make better decision. Moreover, using our solution will optimize your cost effectively and efficiently that leads to achieve high productivity. It is our honor to help your business to be the best by prioritizing your trust and satisfaction.

Software Engineer - Bandung

Jenjang Pendidikan : Minimal D3
Jurusan :
S1 Sistem Informasi
S1 Teknik Informatika
D3 Teknik Informatika
D3 Manajemen Informatika
D3 Teknik Komputer
Kategori Pekerjaan : Full Time
Level Pekerjaan : Fresh Graduate
Persyaratan Umum :

Job Description

  • Design and analyse application to meet clients’ requirements.

  • Develop and deploy application on the server.

  • Testing and maintaining code to ensure system running with no bugs.

  • Working together in a team with varied skill sets.

  • Having fun.


  • (Fresh) Graduate on Informatics, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering.

  • Basic programming and good logic.

  • A teamwork player.

  • Easy going person.

  • Love to learn.

Persyaratan Khusus :

Preferred/You will be

  • Experience in any language.

  • Experience in any SQL database.

  • Experience in server environment.

  • Experience using Source Code Version Control in a good way. (ex: Git).

  • Experience using Project Tracking software (ex: Jira).

Informasi Umum :

Ciheul Technologies is and always will be an engineering company. We offer solution for our client’s business need so that they have a better understanding to make a decision. Our core competencies are Enterprise Solution and Mobile Application Solution. Join us and show the best who you are and make an impact to the world!

If you are interested to join the team who loves to challenge himself, please send your email to

Jumlah Kebutuhan : 2
Valid Until : 2019-09-30