[JOBS!!!] PT. Altastratus Indonesia


Altastratus is growing ?, and we are currently seeking an exceptional candidate to join our team. You will have lots of FUN and FLEXIBILITY    by becoming our team member.

As a senior JavaScript engineer you will be involved in architecting and developing advanced application. You will collaborate and work together with other engineers, architects and designers to solve various business problems.

Your contribution matters!

You will be working on either server application using Node JS or client application web/mobile using React or React Native.

We expect that you have good knowledge of solving algorithm through online research and team work. You must have good understanding of database design and schema as well as database ORM and query language.

Finally, you have to have good sense of humor. Engineer is by no means a non stressful job, we need to laugh together every now and then, even if we make  mistakes!





















Please apply to this link only  http://bit.ly/altastratus-js-telkom

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